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Understanding intelligent insights

Insight Reports:

Intelligent Insights is the center piece of the reporting module in Geedesk. It is the realtime graphical representation of the complaints and requests management process of your property (hotel or resort).

Intelligent Insights offers various metrics like Rooms with most complaints or requests, departments with most complaints and departments with most escalations and so on.

In the dashboard side bar menu click on Reports > Intelligent Insights

Now you will have different insight view and in that if you want to see or download any report please follow the below steps

1 ) In all the insight view you have percentage or numbers that will give the clear picture in that when you click on it will show the report view and it has all the detail about it and in the bottom of it there is a download report button.

2) When you click on the download report button you will get downloaded with .CSV file.

Different Insights :

These metrics offer a clear understanding of the performance level of the hotel employees and also aids in indentifying any chronic problems.

For example:

  • If a hotel gets a lot of air condition (AC) related complaints then may be a maintenance could be scheduled.

  • In another scenario if there is a particular room which is the source of too many complaints then may be that room could be closed and refurbished.

Intelligent Insights and Analytics are powered by our proprietary, custom built platform and intelligence algorithm which routinely monitors and analyses the vast amount of our customer data to predict and build useful analytics and insights.

Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent Analytics also powered by our Intelligent Insights and Analytics Platformand offers analytics and predictions like changes in ticket flow, any abnormal pattern caused by human behavior like slower or faster than usual ticket resolutions.

In the above first insights will show the employee performance based on the ticket there are worked with in your property.

In the second insights will show the information of which department minimum and maximum time to resolve the ticket in the particular category.

This is important metrics in the insights and it will show the overall resolution time used by all the categories to resolve the ticekt and reducing this time as a target will lead to better guest service.