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Different plans in Geedesk

Plans in Geedesk:

You have the flexibility of selecting the plan in Geedesk.

Geedesk trail plan :

You can sign up with us for a trial plan which has 14 days of time period during which our deployment and training team will help you to setup the product and also they will provide users training to all the department.

After the training we will keep monitoring the usage and provide support then and there to make sure that all the users will get comfortable using Geedek.

This trial period doesn't have any obligation and after using it in the trail period is up to your decision that to continue with Geedesk by activating the billing.

Geedesk annual plan :

you can activate your billing for an year that cost Rs 60,000 / property /  year.

By using this plan you can add any number of users and room and it doesn't have any restriction.

Geedesk monthly plan :

you have the flexibility of activating the monthly plan which us and it cost Rs 6,500 / property / month

Upgrading your billing :

At any point you can upgrade your billing from your existing plan to different plan by reaching us through our support window.