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Different ticket view

Ticket view :

You can access the ticket view from the dashboard in the sidebar menu click on Tickets.

1) New ticket:  If the ticket created from any category first it will reach the new ticket and that it will push it automatically and assigned to the respective user in their category.

2) Open ticket :  Once the ticket get assigned to the particular user in a category it will be in open ticket until it gets updated with status ( Resolved or On hold)

3) Escalated ticket : The ticket that is not updated with any status in a priority time will be escalated and you can view all the escalated ticket in this view and it will be in red color.

4) On hold ticket : Here you can view all the on hold ticket updated by different users in a category.

5) Resolved Ticket : You can see all the resolved ticket by the different users in this ticket view.

6) Deleted ticket :  Deleting a ticket can be accessed only for the users in the role of manager and admin and if it is deleted you can view the detail if the person who deleted that particular ticket in this view.

7)Scheduled ticket : You can see the scheduled ticket here which was scheduled while creating ticket.