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Setting up escalation policies

Setting up escalation policy:

To get into escalation policy please go to Admin > Escalation policies

Now click on create escalation policy and enter the name and description and click on  create escalation policy

After creating the escalation policy you have to edit that particular policy and define the priority and SLA rule.

Here we take engineering and setup the priority and escalation rule

We can define the same policy to all the category and if we want to set policy for individual category you have to select target category and here we select front office.

We can set the status based escalation for the individual policy and for that we have the below option

i) Open - If the ticket is not update with status within priority time and it is in open status will trigger the escalation.

ii) On hold - If the ticket status is oh hold and crossed the priority time will trigger the escalation

iii) Both :  If this option selected escalation will trigger on both the status( Open & On hold)

Setting up the priority time :

While setting up the priority time you can set the time in Min,Hrs,Days and Month.

Escalation rule :

In the escalation rule we can call the group that we already created into four levels of escalations and in every level the the users in the group will alerted with SMS and email about the escalated ticket.

After assigning the group into four levels of escalation click on Save.